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Congratulations on finding the Cancelled Flight Compensation website, the service which allows you, under recent EU rules, to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights.Cancelled or delayed flights can be a real inconvenience and can seriously ruin a holiday or a journey for any purpose, including flights for business, leisure and family purposes. The law allowing you to do this is called the Denied Boarding Regulation and you may claim for any delayed or cancelled flights up to six years ago!

In my own case, I had never made a claim for cancelled flight compensation before, but on this occasion I had carefully booked my flight weeks in advance to see my mother, who is in a care home hundreds of miles away. My flight was not direct so I had to book a train journey at the end of it. As I had not taken the journey by this particular route before I factored in a contingency of over two hours between the flight landing and the train leaving for the second leg of the journey, in case there were any delays, just to make sure I didn't miss the connection. Surely nothing could go wrong?

I arrived early at the airport (in my particular case it was London City Airport), confident that everything had been planned properly and that nothing would be amiss. But everything started to go pear-shaped when I saw that the flight departures board indicated that my own flight had been delayed by an hour.

Well, an hour wasn't so bad. After all, I had a built-in contingency of over two hours which would easily take care of that.

But when the hour was up there was another message on the flight departures board to the effect that the flight had been delayed by another hour. Well, it was cutting it fine, but my plan still held firm.

But when that hour was up I saw that the flight had been cancelled a further hour and a half. Disaster. Eventually, after waiting in the departure lounge a total of nearly five hours the message had changed from flight delayed to flight cancelled.

There was nothing that I could do except return home! The "customer service" staff were extremely unhelpful and even ended up denying that they were the customer service team! (I won't tell you the name of the airline in order to protect the guilty.)

Fortunately I discovered that there was a way to claim compensation for my cancelled flight. I made use of a recent European Union directive which compelled the airline in question to give me compensation I deserved, in spite of the airline's unhelpful staff.

Now you can apply for cancelled flight compensation (or flight delay compensation) by filling in the form on the right. Fortunately this is a very easy process and 98% of cases are completely successful. So you won't have to go though all the hassle and stress that I did!




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Cancelled Flight Compensation Claim Guide

The European law which governs cancelled flight compensation applies to any and all passengers departing from an airport within the European Union, irrespective of which airline is the carrier on that occasion. It also applies to any and all passengers departing from an airport which is outside of the European Union, bound for a destination within the European Union, if the airline concerned is an EU airline (an airline with an operating license recognised and awarded by any EU country).

It should also be noted that, despite being called the Denied Boarding Regulation, ithe remit of this law is much broader than just 'denied boarding', because it also covers other vexatious events such as delays and - obviously the most serious of them all - complete cancellations of flights.

You are allowed and fully entitled to make a cancelled flight compensation claim if your flight is cancelled by the airline. The amount of compensation you are entitled to varies according to the following scale of claim:

  • €250 (around £184) for a short haul flight - defined as under 1,500 kilometres (932 miles);

  • €400 (around £294) for a longer flight within the EU, and also for any other medium haul flight - defined as between 1,500 kilometres (932 miles) and 3,500 kilometres (2175 miles);

  • €600 (around £442) for all long haul flights.

All distances are measured from the point of intended departure to the intended final destination.

It should also be noted that this compensation is cut down to 50% of the above figures if the final arrival time is:

  • Less than two hours late for short haul flights;
  • Less than three hours late for medium haul flights;
  • Less than four hours late for long haul flights.

You are entitled for the compensation to be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer. You may find that some airlines insist on compensating you with vouchers which can only be used to offset the cost of a future flight or flights by that specific airline, or in some other form of service. But this is only true if the passenger agrees to that. So if you do not agree to be paid in pre-paid flight vouchers then the airline is legally obliged to pay you in cash or equivalent. If they refuse to do so, then they are breaking the law.

Of course, the value of the Euro fluctuates on a daily basis in relation to other currencies. The above Euro to Sterling conversion rates are correct at the time of writing.



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